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Robbins Aria

Screen Door Magnets & Glass Door Decals

Keep People & Pets from Walking Through

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Glass Door Stickers

Screen Door Magnet Decoration


  • Follow instructions   TWIST, CLICK and LOCK

  • 5.75 inches in diameter    Round   High Quality Vivid Magnets  Made in the USA   UV Resistant

  • 2 Matching Magnets secure together on either side of screen   Mend a screen inexpensively   Easier than a repair kit

  • For  kids seniors  elderly homes  campers  pets  dogs  cats  RV's  window screens  outdoor areas   Avoid accidents and damage

  • NOT for use on Roll up Screens   Made in the USA  UV Resistant


Apply using this easy method

  • Hold magnets back to back with screen in between

  • Twist one magnet until you HEAR it CLICK

  • They Lock into place in one spot, when the design is lined up on both sides

  • Adjust if necessary

Decorate a Screened in Porch

Perfect for Sliding Doors