• 2 High Quality Matching Magnets secure together on either side of a screen

  • Exclusive TWIST, CLICK and LOCK design for magnets that ALWAYS stay in place

  • 5.75 Inches in diameter

  • Pretty packaging makes this a wonderful gift

  • Cover tears in screens

  • MADE in the USA

  • Not for use on roll up screens



  • Hold magnets back to back with screen in between

  • Twist one magnet until you HEAR it CLICK

  • They Lock into place in one spot, when the design is lined up on both sides

  • Adjust if necessary

screen door magnets glass door decal stickers screenmend mend


  • 2 Stickers in each Package. 6 inches in Diameter.

  • Provides Glass Safety to help Avoid Accidents. Alert Children, Dogs, Birds, & Guests.

  • Long lasting self-adhesive. Applies to smooth, clean, glass easily. Removable & Repositionable.

  • Beautiful, vivid prints created by our Artists  


  • Choose a CLEAN, DRY area to apply the sticker

  • Very carefully peel back the sticker from the paper

  • Slowly apply to glass one side to another, smoothing out as you go

  • It is recommended to use one on each side of the Glass

  • These are removable and reposition-able. HOWEVER, it is not recommended to reposition unless necessary.  The integrity of the edges may be compromised during repeat peel backs. 

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